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I ♥ NY™

This article was published on 06th September 2013.
Please consider that some informations are not relevant anymore. Also, most old articles are in german.

“By now, the story is well known. A man sits in the backseat of a cab, sketching on a notepad as night falls over a crumbling city. He scribbles the letter I. He draws a heart. And then an N, and then a Y. Right away he knows he’s got something. This is it, he thinks. This is the campaign.
The man was a designer named Milton Glaser. The city was New York. The year was 1977. A time and place commemorated by an entire genre of movies dedicated to making it look like a horrifying place to live.”
The city needed a miracle. And it kind of got one in three letters and a symbol.

Eine wahnsinnig interessante Folge von 99% Invisible über kleine Ideen, große Wirkung und Copyright-Probleme mit einer so mächtigen Marke.

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